Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve sorted our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) into 3 major sections. Please find the section that applies to you and take the time to read. 80% of all the questions we receive are answered below.

I'm new to Iowa Impact

I'm a player (parent) where should I start?

Let's get you added to our Newsletter where all reminders and important information is shared with our families.  Please email to be added to the newsletter list.

If interested in joining a team, please sign up for our next tryouts (via our tryouts page), or email our Director, Jason Isaacson, at to learn more.

I’m a Referee, or interested in becoming a Referee, do you know about any games I could ref?

Yes, Iowa Impact teams attend many Supreme Basketball and Omaha Sports Academy events (both leagues and tournaments) in the area - specifically at Iowa West Field House in Council Bluffs, IA.

They are actively seeking more Referees to work as an independent contractor for Basketball leagues and/or tournaments.  This is a fun way to enjoy the game of basketball while getting paid.  You are making a great impact within the Council Bluffs Community when you referee youth sports.

If interested, please contact Montsho Wilson, Director of Officials at Supreme Basketball, at .


Referee opportunities include:

* Fall 3V3 Leagues

* October-December each year for Session 1 Leagues

* January-February each year for Session 2 Leagues

* November-February each year for tournament events

* April-July each year for tournament events

* June each year on Friday’s only for 3V3 leagues

* June High School team summer leagues

Why should I play for Iowa Impact?

NXTPRO Hoops Circuit

We are privileged to have our high school teams play on NXTPRO Hoops NXT circuit.  This is one of the best circuits in the industry with college coach exposure for our players.  Sometimes those words are overused as there is a lot of confusion of what creates real exposure for a player.  We have researched our industry carefully to identify a circuit that truly delivers the opportunities that your player wants.  You can learn more about NXTPRO here  or ask our staff about it.  

The best area coaches coach at Iowa Impact - with Advisor Game Plan's coach development system

We believe that having a coach that is experienced, and also has the resources to be coachable as a coach is vital to your player's development.  This is why we have partnered with Advisor Game Plan and Doug Woodard, legendary basketball coach, to provide each Iowa Impact coach with the following:

  1. Monthly small group consulting calls to help each coach grow
  2. Access to only coaching videos to help each coach improve their skills - hundreds of resources available
  3. Practice assistance from Doug Woodard - at least once a season Doug will be on site giving pointers and observing to provide feedback to coaches so they can be the best coach possible
  4. Podcasts - Doug hosts two podcasts interviewing coaches and diving deeper into coaching topics.  Each Iowa Impact coach will have access to learn ideas from some of the best high school and college and professional coaches in the region.
NXTSTAT Sports Science included for each Iowa Impact player

NXTSTAT is a sports science program that will contribute to each athlete's overall sports experience that is a separate business/leadership from Iowa Impact. At Iowa Impact, we believe it is a competitive advantage for our players long term to have access to the sports science data that NXTSTAT will provide our athletes.  Force plates will be used to collect objective data and unique software to deliver the results. 

As young athletes participate in more and more competitive programs, sports and seasons, their bodies are put under more and more demand. NXTSTAT helps ensure “doing more” is done as safely and efficiently as possible for each athlete’s individual body and career goals.

Sports Science + Player Profiles with progress reports that are shareable with College Recruiters or Professional Scouts are services that NXTSTAT will provide athletes.

Check out for more information.

"The profiling and benchmarking of athletes is a critical part of the process for informing training and programming. It also allows a complete picture of the athlete to be developed, including physiocial, psychological, technical, and tactical aspects. This has implications for athlete performance and injury prevention. Therefore, using data to inform short- and long-term decisions to support athlete development is also necessary.” 
— Essentials of Sports Science, National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Minimize travel for families

We understand that most parents want good competition at the right level for their player so that they can develop, but would prefer to play locally as much as possible - minimize travel.  We also want to minimize travel for you especially in the winter months.  We have the connections and access to get our Iowa Impact teams into local events with good competition to minimize travel.  We will travel when there is an opportunity that can't be matched locally, however we want you to know that we are aware and focused at minimizing travel.  Contact our staff today to learn more about our fall/winter event plans.  We are very focused on minimizing travel while not sacrificing on finding good competition to play in well organized events.

Organized Communication

We use technology to efficiently communicate proactively with parents/guardians.  You can expect constant proactive communication of upcoming events, upcoming practice schedules, upcoming opportunities, etc. from us and from your coach.  

For one example, we have invested in using The Play App as a messaging app that all our coaches use to communicate with the parents on the team to help us all stay organized (avoiding anyone getting left off an important message to that team).  It's free to all coaches and parents to use when they play for an Iowa Impact team.

We also recognize that communication mistakes do happen.  If you see a repeat pattern of poor communication somewhere within our organization, please contact and let us know how we can improve.

Open Gym Membership included

Each Iowa Impact player will receive a membership to our exclusive open gyms during the summer that we will host at Iowa West Field House.  This is a great time (min of 1hr) to work weekly on your shooting with access to some of the best facility space in the area.

Team Tryout FAQs

How do tryouts work for the Spring/Summer Iowa Impact teams?

Our goal for tryouts is to place all players of all skill levels on the appropriate team for them to maximize their skill development in the best possible environment with experienced coaches.  

When you accept an invitation to join an Iowa Impact team, you can expect each team will practice one time per week minimum from late March-July and play in multiple tournaments to be determined in combination with Iowa Impact staff, your coach and parent interactions after team rosters are set.

Tryouts are held in March each year.  Registration links for all the above teams open up in January each year on our “Tryouts” page on our website.  Also, please register for our Newsletter by emailing, so you are up-to-date on all announcements.

How do tryouts work for the Fall/Winter Iowa Impact teams?

Our goal for tryouts is to place all players of all skill levels on the appropriate team for them to continue to develop their skills in the best environment.

When you accept an invitation to join an Iowa Impact team, each team will practice one time per week minimum from early October to late February and play in multiple tournaments and both sessions of the OSA Pella League.  

Tryouts are held in mid to late June/August of each year. Registration links for all the above teams open up by June each year on our “Tryouts” page on our website. Also, please register for our Newsletter by emailing, so you are up-to-date on all announcements.

Cost to join a team?

Spring/Summer Player Registration costs:

includes:  1) tournament registration fees, 2) organized practices in elite facilities, 3) experienced coaches, 4) "open gym" time during June/July, 5) NXTSTAT Sports Science testing

  • 3rd - 8th = $800 per player 
  • 15U-17U = $950 per player 

*note: these prices do NOT include the jersey cost, parents will need to purchase that in addition. 

What size basketball and hoop height?


9U-13U = 28.5 basketball and 10ft hoops

14U-17U = 29.5 basketball and 10ft hoops


2nd-3rd grade = 27.5 basketball and 9ft hoops

4th-8th grade = 28.5 basketball and 10ft hoops